Unlimited energy:
Once your energy bar is full, Hold R2 to have it remain full.

Special jumps:
Perform a special jump in the following sports by entering the corresponding button combo:

Skateboarding - triangle, X, square, O
Snowboard - triangle, square, X, O
Mountain Bike - X, square, triangle, O + X, O, square, triangle
Rollerblades - O, square, X, triangle

Unlockable bonus track:
Perform the following tricks on any track to unlock a bonus track:

1. At the 1st ramp do an easy trick - SQUARE, TRIANGLE.
2. At the 2nd ramp do a medium trick - SQUARE, O, TRIANGLE.
3. At the 3rd ramp do a hard trick - SQUARE, O, X.
4. At the 4th ramp press the following - SQUARE, X, TRIANGLE, O.

The bonus track will load after finishing the race.

Extreme moves:
Earn the following amounts of points by performing the corresponding extreme move combos:

50 points - Square, Triangle
100 points - Square, O, X
100 points - Square, O, Triangle
200 points - Square, X, Triangle, O

Starting boost:
To get a boost at the very start of a race, tuck and press UP.

Easy record chart:
Go to options and turn off computer players. When you start a new season there will be no computer players, and you will come in first on every race.

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