All Intel Locations

Modern Warfare 2 Intel Locations

  • Do you like to complete every part of your video games? One of the hardest parts of achieving 100% completion of any Call of Duty game is finding all of the laptops or “intel items” that are scattered around the campaign levels. Finding them can be such a pain in the ass because they are usually hidden in locations that you wouldn’t normally notice when playing through the single player. After all, if they were easy to spot it would defeat the point.
  • There are forty-five intel items to collect in Modern Warfare 2, finding them all will earn you two Achievements / Trophies. You get one when you collect twenty-two intel items and one when you collect all forty-five, but where are those laptops I hear you ask! Well, the videos below will run you through the exact locations of all the laptops / intel in Modern Warfare 2.

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