Chapter 12

Map #1

  • Go to the upper left hand part of the map
  • Cut scene


1.Lionheart x1

2 .9,240 Gil x1


Map #2

  • Follow the road.
  • After defeating the enemies, press the switch.

Map #3

  • BOSS: Proudclad

After the stagger state is finished, He will change into a powerful enemy. So you should not fill to his break gauge. And you can not weaken him.


* Party: Lightning:Fang or Snow:Hope
* Paradigm: 1st Com/Com/Syner 2nd Com/Com/Med

1. Attack him with 1st, while enhancing your party.
2. When your party’s HP gets low, change to 2nd.
3. Repeat process.


1.Rebel’s Heart



Map #4

  • BOSS: Adamankerisu
  • I recommend that you weaken him with Synergist, while enhancing your party.
  • Casting Dull on it is effective.



2.15,000 gil

3 .Perfect Conductorx 5


Map #5

  • Go right on the map to collect Raging Fire Ring
  • Follow the road.


1.Particle Accelerator x6

2.Libra Scope x1

3.Champion’s Badge x1

4.Blaze Ring x1


Map #6

  • Follow the road.
  • You can obtain both treasures(2and3) by beating Adamantoise

Even if your level is low,you can beat him with casting death.First you trip him with calling Hecatoncheir(vanille’s eidolon).and then you continue to cast death on him.So have Vanille out to learn the death spell.


* Party: Vanille:Fang:Hope
* Paradigm: 1st Sabo:Sabo:Syne

1. Before start the battle,you use Power smoke on your party
2. You summon Hecatoncheir,Once he fall down.(and then press square button )
3. After you use 1st to cast Deshell,Weak and Deprotect,have vaniller continue to cast Death on him.
4. Continue to cast Death,until he die.

* If he stands up,you can not beat him.But if you have a Elixir.By using it,your TP gauge are filled up.You can summon Hecatoncheir again.
* By equipping a Best choice or good choice,he drop a Trapezohedron and Platinum ingot.Sale price of Platinum ingot is 150000gil.


1.Pleiades(for Sazh) x1

2.Particle Accelerator x6

3.Chocobo Plush Toy x1

4.Strong Godly Beast Nail x12

5.Strong Godly Beast Nail x17


Map #7

  • BOSS: Proud Clod

He can deal serious damage to your party.So all of your party should equip General belt.You can buy it in the shop.


* Party: Snow:Lightning:Hope
* Equipment: Vidohunir(for Hope)
* Accessory: General belt: Power wrist
* Paradigm: 1st Com/Com/Syn 2nd Com/hel/en 3rd Rav/Rav/Rav 4th Com/Com/Med 5th Sen/Med/Med

1. Use 1st or 2nd to attack him,enhancing your party.
2. When he changes into destroy mode,you switch to 3rd,and you fill to his break gauge. Then pound on him.
3. He will recover all HP
4. Switch to 1st or 2nd.You don’t need to increase his break gauge.Because he become weak.
5. If your HP gets low,you switch to 5th or cast full cure on your party.


1.Mythril Tein x1

2 .Power Glove x1

3. Ethersol x1

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