Chapter 13

Field A

1. You go through Field A to Field B, and collect treasures.
2. After you collected the treasures in Field A, you go through Field B to Field C, and you just collect treasures.
3. You go through Field C to Field D.
4. There are enemies that are too hard. So I suggest that you upgrade your weapons.

* Power grove really good. Add Warrior wrist★ to Vicinity and it equals = Power grove.



Scarletite and the perfume are droped from the 1st Sacrifice in the vicinity of the save point.

Sale prices of a perfume is 12500 Gil.

As for the second Sacrifice, Fog and Deprotect using the paridgm SABOTEUR are effective.


Field B

1. You collect treasures.

2. You go back to Field A.

* These treasures are given to you by beating the enemies.
* There are too hard enemies. So I suggest that you use Saboteur’s spells and Synergist’s spells.

*About Adora (flying enemy)…When he charges up, you should only defend with a Sentinel and Medic.

About Tegar…You should cast Slow, and you should buff up your party.


1. Libra Scope x1

2. Angel’s Cap x1

3. Needle Nickel Ore x1


Field C

1. You collect treasures.

2. You go back Field A.

  • I suggest that you collect treasures using a Deceptisol.

1. Super charger x4

2. Complete Conductor x5

3. Turboprop x5

4. Flash Uranium Ore x1

5. Particle Accelerator x2


Field D


1. Waves of Imperial Wrath x20
2. Shamanics x1

* About enemies (Dagon??)…I recommend that you make a Sab/Med/Med paradigm ,and you cast Dispelga(TP ability) on this enemies.

1. You go through Field. D to Field E ,and you collect treasures.

2. After You collected treasures,you go back to Field D.

3. You go through FieldE to Field F.


Field E

1. You can get treasures easily using a Deceptisol.

2. After collected treasures,you go back to Field D


1. Barrier Smoke x1

2.Gale Ring x1

3.Crimson Tears of Sorrow x9


Field F


1.Tetra Crown x1

1. You collect treasure 1.

2. You go through Field F to Field G

* If you want to go back to Field A.


Field G


1.Star Flower Seed x6

2.Black Fungus x8

3.Diamond-shaped Manganese Ore x1

* BOSS Jabawok and Bandersnach.

First you get rid of bigger one,then you kill small one.
Party: Lightning,Vanille,Hope




Equipment: Power grove, General belt

  • How to Beat

1. You get rid of bigger one
2. Have Saboteur cast bio on them,and have synergist buff your party
3. After he gets poisoned,you switch to 2nd,increase his break gauge.
4. Fill his gauge up,then you switch to 3rd.
5. Small one is not very hard.


Field H

* You go through Field G to collect treasures.
* Field I has some golden items.

About Invincible …Use a Fortisol or cast bio on him.

About Colorful commander and a Tegar…First you get rid of a Colorful commander…

About Tiager and Sacrifice….Use a anysol.I don’t know other ways.

  • BOSS: Wladislaus

By provoking him, he should attack only your Sentinel. So keep using a Sentinel. I suggest that your sentinel equips General belt, and have Lightning equip Power grove.


Party: Lightning: Fang or Snow: Hope
Equipment: Power grove.Warrior wrist.General belt.
Paradigms: 1st: Com/Sen/Syn 2nd:Com/Sen/Med

1. When your party’s HP gets low, switch to 2nd.


Field I


1.Wizard Symbol x1

2.Adamantite Bangle x1

3.Hihiirokane x1

4.Elixir x1


Field J

If you beat the Tiamat,you can not go back this Before you beat the Tiamat,you should make a CP.

  • BOSS: Tiamat Eliminator

He has two modes.When he change into flying mode,you can not weaken him,so you should enhance your party and cure.When he change into another mode,you weaken him and increase his break gauge.


Paradigms:1st Com/Sen/Syn:2nd Com/Com/Med:3rd Med/Sen/Med 4th Rav/Syn/Rav 5th Com/Com/Syn.
Equipment:Power grove

1. When he change into flying mode,you switch to 1st or 2nd.
2. When he change into another mode,you switch to 4th,increase his break gauge.
3. Fill his break gauge up,you switch to 1st or 2nd.
4. If your party’s HP gets low,switch to 3rd.


Last Field

BOSS: Barthandelus(3rd)

His attack form are only two.I suggest that have lightning learn Senergist’s ability.When he attack your party,you quickly switch to Sen/Sen/Sen.


Party:Lightning: Fang: Hope
Equipment:Power grove:General belt.Witch brace
Paradigms:1st Sen/Sen/Sen 2nd Med/Sab/Syn 3rd Rav/Sab/Rav 4th Com/Com/Syn 5th Med/Sen/Med

1. When he attack you,you quickly switch to 1st.


He have two mode.When he change into shaded mode, you switch to Sen/Sen/Sen.When he debuff your party,you should cast dispega on your party.

If there is no way you can beat him,have Vanille cast bio on him.Otherwise you only defend.

Orpahn2..this battle is not too hard.You quickly increase his stagger gauge,and then pound him.

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