Chapter 3

Map #1

  • Defeat enemies.(The battle gives an explanation about the Paradigm System.)
  • You control in the Lightning.
  • Follow the road.
  • BOSS: Manasvin Warmech
  • When your HP gets low,Change the paradigm to Com/Sen/Med…
  • After defeat him,Snow leaves the party.
  • Follow the road.
  • The road come to dead end.Then go back to the road and check the machine on right of the map.
  • Close it and press the switch.Once open up a doorway.
  • Follow the road.
  • Defeat the Green Behemoth.
  • Not too hard of the battle.
  • Follow the road.


1.Pear wing(for Vanille) x1

2.Lacking fang x7

3.200gil x1

4.Falling tears x5

5.Silver bangle x1

6.Phoenix down x1

7.50gil x1

8.Mysterious liquid x8

9.Magician sing x1


Map #2

  • Follow the road


10.Mysterious liquid x6

11.Deneb(for Sazh) x1

12.240gil x1

13.Strange liquid x6

14.Cursed fang x7

15.Libra scope x1

16.Digital circuit x2

17.Paraffin oil x2

18.50gil x1

19.Dielectric cable x3

20.30gil x1

21.Dirty claws x6


Map #3

* Follow the the path.
* ** BOSS: Karura twice.**

1st battle is Not too hard.

2nd battle:When your HP gets a low,change to a Com/Med/Rav. After defeating Karura.Your Crystarium Level goes up one.


22..Digital circuit x2

23.Dirty claws x7

24.Thunder ring x1

25.Potion x3

26.Millerite x1

27.Ferroelectrics x1

28.Phoenix down x1

29.Libra scope x1


Cocoon Lowlands

  • You control Snow
  • Defeat the Shiva Sisters

Start the battle with the counter above your head.When the number reaches 0,its game over.

**How to beat the Shiva Sisters
1. Use Libra on the Shiva Sisters.
2. Switch the paradigm to Defender.and use raise guard.(repeat process)
3. Press the square button when the square button shows up on the screen.

After defeating the Shiva Sisters, Snow’s ATB level goes up one and earns the Shiva’s Stone.

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