Chapter 4

Map #1


1.Black belt x1

2.Ninurta(for Hope) x1

3.Libra scope x1

4.Metal band x1

5.Phoenix down x1


Map #2

* BOSS: Dreadnaught1st and 2nd.

1st battle:Not too hard.You switch to Rav/Com/Med when your Hp gets low,but otherwise go on the offense.
2nd battle:Repeat process.

* After defeating Dreadnaugh,your crystarium goes up one level and role level up too.
* Now you can upgrade weapons at the Save point.(a new shop called Lenora Garage)


7.Libra scope x1

8.Fire ring x1


Map #3

* Two treasures(10 and 11)are changed by defeating enemies with the machine. If you defeat all of the enemies with the machine,you can collect a Thunder Ring.

* Defeat the BOSS: Odin.

Equipment:Silver bangle or Iron bangle(Silver bangle is better)
Paradgm:1st Med/Med :2nd Rav/Rav

1. Start the battle
2. Use Libra twice.
3. Quickly switch to Rav/Rav/,when he defends himself with his shield.Then switch back to Med/Med.Repeat process.
4. Press the square at the last.

* After defeating Odin, Lightning gets a ATB gage level up.


8. Optical fiber ×3

9. Libra scope x1

10 and 11. Thunder Ring or 300gil or Strong Leather ×20 or 100gil

12. Electric holder ×2

13. Thunder ring x1

14. Phoenix down x1


Map #4

* You control Sazh.

* Follow the road.

* You will have to press four(4) switches.


15. Phoenix down

16. Steel shells ×8

17. Red jelly ×6

18. Hardened Heat’s Amulet x1

19. Fire Ring x1

20. Phoenix down x1

21. Power smoke: 300gil x1

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