Chapter 6

Map #1

* You control Vanille
* Follow the road.
* You will find the orb switch.You can change the weather.(different monsters appear)

* BOSS: Enki and the Enriru.

Paradigm:1st Sab/Syn :2nd Med/Rav 3Rav/Rav

1. Libra them both.
2. Cast bio on them with 1st.Then you switch to 2nd or 1st .Repeat process.

Item: Lightning Ring: Stream RIng

* After defeat BOSS,The crystarium goes up one level.


1. Mysterious liquid x8

2. Belladona wand(for Vanille) x1

3. Procyon(for Sazh) x1

4. Medical knowledge x1

5. Steel shells x15

6. Libra scope x1

7. Repel demon x10

8. Metal Band x1

9. Water Ring x1

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