Chapter 7

Map #1

* You control Lightning
* Follow Hope. You will then have to escape from the powerful enemy.


1. Optical fiber x3
2. Holy water x3
3. Libra scope x1


Map #2

* Follow the road.
* Check the panel on the right.You can arrive at the other platform.
* Follow the road.
* Cutscene


4. Holy water x4
5. Phoenix down x1
6. Mobius Coil x1.
7. Water ring x1
8. Exorcist’s amulet x1


Map #3


9. Power smoke x1
10. Knight’s heart x1
11. Dielectric cable x4


Map #4


12. Holy water x4
13. Premium chip x2
14. Protection amulet x1


Map #5

* Follow the road.
* BOSS: Ushumugaru
* Not too hard. Use Synergist, buff your party,then you attack him.

* Reward:?


15. Shaman’s sign x1
16. Thrust block x3
17. Vidohunir(for Hope) x1
18. Deceptisol x1
19. 2000gil x1


Map #6

* You go to Hope's house, go inside
* You check the red circle.
* After collecting the treasures in the room, check the red circle.
* You can make money in the Estheim house. You find some enemies. This enemies drop Premium chips and Phoenix down. You keep killing gushing enemies,moving counterclockwise.

* Sale price of a premium chip is 2500gil.
* Sale price of a Phoenix down is 500gil.

* BOSS: Guraifu
* First you get rid of his guns, and then you attack his main body.

Paradigm: 1st :Med/Sen/Syn: 2nd Rav/Com/Med: 3rd Rav/Com/Rav

1. Have your synergist buff your party.(1st)
2. Switch to 2nd or 3rd.
3. Switch back to 1st,when your advantage disappears.
4. Repeat process.

Reward: ???: Plow toss arms workshop.


19. Beast’s claw x15
20. Gaeborg(for Fang) x1
21. Axel blade(for Lightning) x1
22. Carbon bangle x1
23. Black belt x1
24. Phoenix down x1
25. Ethersol x1
26. Fighter’s wrist x1

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