Chapter 8

Map #1

* Follow the road.

* Mini game: you have to serach for the Chocobo.
* 1st spot: In the between sheep
* 2nd spot: In the cart.
* 3rd spot: In the fountain.
* 4th spot: With the five Chocobo’s on the right.
* You then have to head through the path.


1. Star pendant x1
2. Phoenix down x1


Map #2

* Defeat Rava
* Have Saboteur to debuff him.And then you attack him.

* reward:???? Ore vein hall roots of virtue store.

* You contorol Sazh
* Follow the road.
* BOSS: Brunhilde

1. Libra twice
2. Use the Syn/Sab,then switch to Rav/Rav or Rav/Med.Repeat process.
3. Press square button at the last.

* Reward: Brunhile’s stone
* After defeating Brunhide, Sazh will get ATB gauge up one.


3. Spica(for sazh) x1
4. Cure Staff(for Vanille) x1
5. Amulet of Strong Defense x1

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