Easier Way To Do The Split Screen Hack

Alright, So This is just simply another Method for people to complete the prestige hack it's mostly used for the people that are unable to use the Patch Blocker on there Computer.

So let's Start:

You Must Have The Following:

Error File
C0deReality Files (Download Here - Hack Pack)
A Normal Offline Profile
MW2 Disc

Getting Started: -Optional to uncorrupt File but it's recommended..

Step 1 —> Put the downloaded prestige-files on your USB.

Step 2 —> Then plug the USB into your PS3, and paste the files to your PS3.

Step 3 —> Start MW2 > multiplayer > splitscreen > and load the "C0deReality" profile > Start the offline game (it doesn't matter which options you selected) > Shoot around and stop the game.

Step 4 —> Now do the same, but with the "Error File". (This is to uncorrupt the files) -Optional to do this.
If you did that, you can delete the 1.09 patch and do the tutorial.

Starting The Hack:

Step 5 —> Delete the 1.10 patch.

Step 6 —> Start MW2 and cancel the update.

Step 7 —> Go to multiplayer > splitscreen > load the 'C0deReality' profile

Step 8 —> Go to game-setup.

Step 9 —> Click on Turn PSN unlock on, then a confirm message comes up. DONT click on yes/no, but sign in at the playstation network. Cancel the update. Click on Yes (the confirm message), and sign in again at the playstation network. If you did it right, your online stats are loaded now.

Step 10 —> Then turn your PSN unlocks off (your emblems will change, but your nickname stays). Go back and load your 'Rrror File' profile and C0deReality profile. Then go back again, and change your profile to the 'C0deReality' one.

Step 11 —> Turn the PSN unlocks on (the same way as before. sign in @ psn before confirming, cancel update, click yes and sign in again). If you did it right you will see your online profile, but your level is changed to level70. Prestige with this. Now your done.

Checking you did the Hack Correct:

To check if you did it right; go to the main menu and start a solo mission. Quit it when its loaded and go to Multiplayer > Splitscreen > Load a non-prestige profile (not the error, and not the prestige profile, just a normal one) > Game setup > PSN unlocks on (same way as before) > If you did it right, you will see your online profile in the prestige you want.

Now you're ready to play. Just click on "play online" > accept the 1.09 patch and you're done! The first time it will be hard to understand everything, but the second time you can prestige hack in less then 5 minutes.

Here is a Viedo of all the Steps. (I did Not make the Video but it will help you step - By - Step.


Q: It doesn't load my online profile stats.
A: Just have patience. Try again. You have to act fast. (sign in - confirm 'yes' - sign in again)

Q: Whats The Password For the Hack Pack?
A: The Password is "http://www.c0deReality.com" with outs the quotes..

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