Final Fantasy XIII Item Exploit

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Final Fantasy XIII Item Exploit mini-FAQ

by Acheron538

Everyone who plays FFXIII knows that the component Trapezohedron is extremely rare
and rather expensive to buy. But when you have 1, you can make 3 of it with a little
bit of effort with the following steps:

- When you have 1 trapezohedron, create 1 of the following weapons: Kain's Lance, Nirvana.

- Upgrade it to the Max (star level).

- And this seems a bummer, but DISMANTLE the fully upgraded weapon.

Look at the stuff you get from it: 3 x Trapezohedron (6.000.000 Gil if you want to buy it),
36 moon blossom seeds (worth 216.000 Gil).

Same for getting sprinting shoes:

- Upgrade a tetra tiara to star level.

- Dismantle it.

- And there you have your sprinting shoes for Auto-haste + a lot of stuff.

For tetra crown:

- Upgrade to star level

- Dismantle

- You get the hermes sandals (and some other stuff)

- Upgrade hermes sandals.

- Enjoy your sprint shoes.

For Elixirs:

In the whole game you will find only 1 (lvl.12 or 13 I think) but you can get even more!

- Throughout the game you will find a couple of Doctor's Code's. They seem wastable and
they are! But don't sell them!

- Upgrade it to star Level (only 200 XP)

- Dismantle it.

- Now you have 3 shrouds + an almighty elixir (cure's and resets debuffs on you party)

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