3d Dot Game Heroes
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3d Dot Game Heroes

Game Added by Matt GentileMatt Gentile

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  • Alternate walking animation

Pause the game and press L1, R1, L1, R1, L1(2), R1(2), Square.

  • Invisible shield

Pause the game and press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle.

  • Spelunker mode

Start a new game, and enter "SPELUNKER" as a name. This mode has alternate dialogue, death with one hit, and the death sound from the original Spelunker.

  • Small Block swords

Collect Small Blocks from chests and White or Silver Slimes. Then, travel east from the castle, and cross the river. Go north, and use the Wire Rod to cross the river back to the west to find a small cave. Go inside, and speak to the NPC on the throne to exchange the indicated number of Small Blocks for the corresponding sword:

Excalibur: 20 Small Blocks
Gorgon Sword: 5 Small Blocks
Katana: 15 Small Blocks
Luck Sword: 8 Small Blocks
Mage Sword: 12 Small Blocks
Orihalcon: 18 Small Blocks
Star Sword: 10 Small Blocks

  • Lost Woods solution

On the way to the second dungeon you must go through a maze in the woods to reach the entrance of the dungeon. The path is forward, right, up, left, left, down, left, up, up.

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