A.C.E Another Century's Episode R
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A.C.E Another Century's Episode R

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Bonus units

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding unit:

Bonta-kun: Start your seventh playthrough.
Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth: Start your twelfth playthrough.
Guren Mk-II: Start your fifth playthrough.
Hi-Nu Gundam & Crossbone Gundam X-1: Start your tenth playthrough.
Lancelot & Lancelot Air Calvary: Start your ninth playthrough.
Nu Gundam: Start your second playthrough.
Sousuke's M9: Start your third playthrough.
VF-0S & Armored Klan: Start your eleventh playthrough.
XAN: Start your eighth playthrough.
Z-3 White Unicorn Custom: Start your sixth playthrough.


Successfully complete one of the tasks below to get the indicated trophy:

ACE PILOT IS YOU (Platinum): Get every other trophy.
Attacker (Unknown): Destroy 100 enemies with a Burst Attack.
Burst, Britannia! (Unknown): Use the Guren's Radiation Wave attack to destroy the Lancelot, Tristan and Mordred in the mission "Red Suprise Strategy".
Catch and Release (Unknown): Hit 50 enemies with a Throw Attack.
Checkmate (Unknown): Clear Code Geass route on any difficulty.
Crusher (Unknown): Destroy 2000 total objects.
Destroyer (Unknown): Destroy 1000 ojbects in one mission on any difficulty.
Earthshaker (Unknown): Clear the Macross Zero route on any difficulty.
Elemental Power (Unknown): Using either Solar Aquarion, Aquarion Mars or Aquarion Luna, destroy the Grave Cherudim.
Extras Complete (Unknown): Rush Attack.
Frozen Over (Unknown): Freeze 10 enemies at the same time with King Gainer's Time Freeze Attack.
Full Burst (Unknown): Destroy 5 enemies at the same time with Strike Freedom's Hi-Mat Attack.
Genesis Fusion (Unknown): Clear Aquarion route on any difficulty.
Guard Master (Unknown): Block 1000 attacks with your shield.
Hotblood! (Unknown): Clear the Super Robot Wars OG route on any difficulty.
Interceptor (Unknown): Counter 500 attacks with automatic interception.
Kadun Conflict (Unknown): Destroy 500 enemies in the Battroid form of the VF-0A.
King's Title (Unknown): Clear Overman King Gainer route on any difficulty.
Leader (Unknown): Clear any route on HARD difficulty.
Limit Breaker (Unknown): Destroy 100 enemies with a Limit Break Attack.
Little Lost Child (Unknown): Move the Cybuster 4000km.
More than a Man (Unknown): Clear Crossbone Gundam route on any difficulty.
Muramasa Buster (Unknown): Destroy 5 enemies at the same time with Crossbone Gundam X3's Muramasa Buster Attack.
One Night (Unknown): Complete the mission "One Night Stand" without destroying any containers.
Perfect Win (Unknown): Clear any mission on any route on any difficulty without taking any damage.
Person with SEED (Unknown): Clear Gundam Seed Destiny route on any difficulty.
Pilot (Unknown): Clear any route on NORMAL difficulty.
Rookie (Unknown): Clear any route on EASY difficulty.
Round Up (Unknown): Destroy 300 enemies with explosions.
Routes Complete (Unknown): Complete all routes on any difficulty.
Samurai (Unknown): Destroy 1000 enemies with a Combo Atack.
Singularity (Unknown): Clear Orguss route on any difficulty.
Skeet Shooting (Unknown): Destroy 50 enemies with a rock throw attack.
Sniper (Unknown): Destroy 300 enemies with a Sniper Attack.
Stand Alone (Unknown): Solo 10 missions on any difficulty.
Tank Maniac (Unknown): Destroy 100 enemies in the Tank form of the Orguss.
Tears of Time (Unknown): Clear Zeta Gundam route on any difficulty.
THANKS INSTALL (Unknown): Install game data to HDD.
The Guy I Like is a Sergeant (Unknown): Clear Full Metal Panic! route on any difficulty.
The Last Chase (Unknown): Clear the mission "The Two Songstresses" on any difficulty.
The Real Sky (Unknown): Clear the Macross Frontier route on any difficulty.
Top Gun (Unknown): Destroy 1000 enemies with any Unit in "Fighter Mode".
Units Complete (Unknown): Obtain every unit.
Veteran (Unknown): Clear any route on EXTRA HARD difficulty.
Warriors Blood, Actor's Blood (Unknown): Kill Tehmzin in the "Fastest Delivery" mission with the VF-25F Rush Attack.
Z Beat (Unknown): Defeat Yazan's Hamurabi in the "Road to the Sky" mission within 10 minutes.

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