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About This Game: Action RPG Meets First Person Shooter!!! Borderlands is the first 4 player Co-op Role Playing Shooter; combining the intuitive reward systems of action RPGs and the frantic-paced combat of First Person Shooters. “Claptrap's New Robot Revolution” - This destructive adventure invites you back to the inhospitable environments of Pandora to battle a vicious new threat; an ever-amassing army of homicidal Claptraps led by the cunning Ninja Assassin.

Borderlands Modding - Everything on Modding Borderlands

Hall of Fame - The Best Borderlands Weapons and Items Around!

Weapon Database - Alternate site for weapons

Willow Shrubbery - This lets you upload your borderlands .SAV file so you see how your character looks and see how your weapons turn out before you load it up into the game. This is also great for when you want to share your character off in forums.

If you're looking information on modifying Borderlands weapons and items:

The site is laid out in a simple format; just pick the page that corresponds to the weapon type you're looking for. Each part is listed by name, along with the type, the damage, accuracy and fire rate modifiers, and the extra effect it employs. Simple.

If you're having trouble using XanderChaos's WillowTree:

Click here for XanderChaos's WillowTree tutorial
Click here for dropKAG's WillowTree# Beta tutorials

For more info on borderlands check out the :
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