Demon Soul's
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Demon Soul's

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  • Halloween mode

Set the system date to October 31. The enemies will be more difficult, but will have better rewards when defeated.

  • Easy Souls

After defeating the first Boss at the Shrine Of Storms, your next task is to go to a room below. When you walk in you will be greeted by three Lesser Demons at the level you are on with more at the bottom. Kill the three at your level first, then walk back to the door that you used to enter. Use your bow, and shoot at the demon with the scythe (resembles death). This kills all remaining demons in the immediate area, resulting in approximately 4,500 Souls. Go to the Archstone from the Boss to teleport to the Nexus. Go back, and repeat the process as many times as desired. Note: Equip the Ring Of Alvarice (soul booster) to get approximately 5,250 to 5,500 Souls each time.

  • Saving Souls

Press the PS button, and select "Quit Game" immediately as your character dies and before the game has a chance to auto save. Reload your saved game to start near where you were originally with all your Souls.

  • Boletarian Palace mausoleum key

Ostrava has the key to the mausoleum in Boletarian Palace. You normally have to save his life three times to get the key, but he usually gives you useless items. You can kill him the first time you meet him and take the key. He is very easy to kill. This is especially useful for new players, as there is a chance that Ostrava can die while you are playing, and you will then lose your opportunity to get the key.

  • Hidden items in Boletarian Palace

Once you kill the Red Dragon, you can go back to Boletarian Palace where the two dragons were sleeping (before the bridge to the main gate lever) and get bonus items without the dragons being present. You will get the Ring Of Strength, Ring Of Fire Resistance, and Renounced Hero Soul.

  • Blinding the Maneaters

Equip the Dark Silver shield (it can be obtained from Garl Vinland at the last area of World 5). The Maneaters' snake tails will sometimes imbue them with a yellow power. If you stand directly in front of them and guard when the snake rises above the rest of the creature, the flash of yellow will temporarily blind the Maneater, allowing for one or two heavy hits before dodging. It is not known if this works with other shields.

  • Fighting the Old One early

Defeat Vanguard at the end of the tutorial level. You will then be sent to a new area with a large dragon outside the windows, soldier's souls, and some items. Once you go outside, the Old One will kill you and send you to the Nexus to continue the game.

  • Defeating the Red Dragon

To kill the Red Dragon on the bridge going to the Tower Knight, get a crossbow and 100 bolts. Go to the top of the first tower on the bridge. Kill the two archers. You will see three archer windows. Go to the one on the far right. This may require approximately 20 to 30 minutes, but it is worth it. Lock on to the dragon every time he swoops down to burn the bridge. You will eventually kill him, and get approximately 8,000 souls and his lead soul.

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