EA Sports Active 2
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EA Sports Active 2

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to unlock the indicated trophy:

Sharp Shooter (Bronze): Make 1,000 baskets in Basketball.
Golden Gloves (Bronze): Throw 1,000 punches in Cardio Boxing.
Trail Blazer (Bronze): Run 1000km/621.4 mi. in Fitness Trail.
Pedal Power (Bronze): Bike 1000km/621.4 mi. in Mountain Biking.
Shred It (Bronze): Board 1000km/621.4 mi. in Mountain Boarding.
Brick Wall (Bronze): Make 1,000 saves in Soccer.
Hot Stepper (Bronze): Complete 1,000 steps in Step Aerobics.
100 Calories (Bronze): Burn 100 calories.
1000 Calories (Bronze): Burn 1,000 calories.
GOAL! (Bronze): Complete 1 goal with 100% completion.
1 Hour (Bronze): Complete 1 hour of exercise.
Working It (Bronze): Complete 1 Workout.
Fitness Enthusiast (Bronze): Complete 10 Workouts.
Fitness 101 (Bronze): Complete 101 Exercises.
Goal Getter (Bronze): Complete 3 goals with over 80% completion.
Workout Buddies (Bronze): Complete a Multiplayer Workout.
Perfect Score (Bronze): Complete a workout with 100%.
Fitness Sampler (Bronze): Completed 50 unique exercises.
Getting Results (Bronze): Complete first Fitness Tracker Report.
Phase 1 Complete (Bronze): Complete Phase 1 of The 9 Week Program.
Making it Mine (Bronze): Create and complete a Custom Workout.
Dear Diary (Bronze): Earn 3 checkpoints on a Journal Entry.
Survey Says (Bronze): Fill in 5 Lifestyle and Nutrition Surveys.
Staying Alive (Bronze): Fill in 5 Other Activity Surveys.
Checking In (Bronze): Fill in the Lifestyle and Nutrition Survey.
Getting Out (Bronze): Fill in the Other Activity Survey.
Ready to go! (Bronze): Set up your EA Sports Active 2 profile.
Making Friends (Bronze): Join or create a Workout Group.
Burn 500 Calories (Bronze): Burn 500 calories.
12 Hours (Bronze): 12 Hours of exercise time.
Push it to the Limit (Silver): Complete 1,000 Pushups.
Pumping Iron (Silver): Complete 1,000 Arm Curls.
Lunge Expert (Silver): Complete 1,000 Lunges.
Squat Master (Silver): Complete 1,000 Squats.
Trend Setter (Silver): Complete 5 scheduled workouts in a row.
Fitness Expert (Silver): Complete 50 Workouts.
Perfect Attendance (Silver): Complete a Fitness Program without missing a workout.
Cardio Kick Start (Silver): Complete the Cardio Kick Start Program.
Phase 2 Complete (Silver): Complete Phase 2 of The 9 Week Program.
5000 Calories (Silver): Burn 5,000 calories.
24 Hours (Silver): 24 Hours of exercise time.
10000 Calories (Gold): Burn 10,000 calories.
Fitness Pro (Gold): Complete 100 Workouts.
Phase 3 Complete (Gold): Complete Phase 3 of The 9 Week Program.
EA Sports Active 2 Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Collect all other EA Sports Active 2 trophies.

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