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Extremely Easy 20X Multiplier (silver trophy) cheat:
This cheat/hack/glitch was created by Froopi420 does not match any existing user name!

How to do it:

Create your own level, then make it an insane length. Try to put a lot of objects on the board also! Once your done with all the tutorials (at least pass the tutorial with the point orb things) fill your entire board with as many point orbs as possible also leaving some in front of your start poit, so as soon as you start you get a little extra. Next, play your own board once it is published, rush thru the entire board as quickly as possible COLLECTING EVERY ORB and it should say you have unlocked the 20x Multiplier trophy.

  • Unlockables

Earn all the prize bubbles on the indicated level to get a 100% completion and unlock the corresponding bonuses:

Anteater Concept and Anteater Concept With Frame: The Mines
Bad Witch Concept, Bad Witch Concept With Frame: The Bunker
Big Cat and Big Cat Concept With Frame: Burning Forest
Big Sumo, The Islands Concept, and The Islands Concept With Frame: Sensei's Lost Castle
Boom Town Concept and Boom Town Concept With Frame: Boom Town
Boss Concept, Boss Concept With Frame, and a Monster Truck: The Construction Site
Bunny Tail and The Gardens: Skate To Victory
Circus Concept, Circus Concept With Frame: The Frozen Tundra
Costumes Concept and Costumes Concept With Frame: Elephant Temple
Early Sackboy and Early Sackboy With Frame: Lowrider
Fairy Tale Concept and Fairy Tale Concept With Frame.: Get a Grip
Grabbing Machine, Rock God, and Rock God With Frame: Subway
Graveyard Concept, The Wedding Concept With Frame, and Skulldozer: Skulldozer
Jumping Tank, Very First LittleBigPlanet concept, Very First LittleBigPlanet Concept With Frame: The Collector's Lair
LittleBigPlanet Concept With Frame, Background Environment Concept: The Dancers Court
LittleBigPlanet Cosmos Concept, Magicians Box, and Cosmos Concept In A Frame: Great Magicians Palace
Savannah Concept and Savannah Concept With Frame: Swinging Safari
Sheriff Zapata's Explosives Machine, The Mines Concept With Frame, and The Mines Concept: Serpent Shrine
Temple Concept, Temple Concept With Frame, and a Mystical Dragon: Endurance Dojo
Terrible Oni, Islands City Concept, and Islands City Concept With Frame: The Terrible Volcano
The Collector Boss, The Collectors Pod, and The Collector: The Collector
The Gardens Concept and The Gardens Concept With Frame.: First Steps
The Savannah and The Pink Scarf: The Meerkat Kingdom
Theme Characters Concept With Frame and Theme Characters Concept: The Darkness
Wrestling Ring With Frame and Wrestling Concept: The Wedding Reception

  • Bonus costumes

Successfully complete the indicated level without dying to unlock the corresponding costume:

Chicken Beak: The Dancers Court
Chicken Gloves: Great Magician's Palace
Chicken Tail: Elephant Temple
Cowboy Bandanna: The Mines
Cowboy Boots: Boom Town
Cowboy Hat: Serpent Shrine
Dinosaur Mask: The Construction Site
Dinosaur Tail: Lowrider
Googly Eye Glasses: Sensei's Lost Castle
Green Sock Puppet: Subway
Japanese Festival Headband: The Terrible Oni's Volcano
Japanese Festival Robe: Endurance Dojo
Jeans And Belt: The Mines
Leather Gloves: Boom Town
Monocle: The Meerkat Kingdom
Mustache: Burning Forest
Neon Dress: The Collector's Lair
Neon Helmet: The Bunker
Pirate Eye Patch: First Steps
Pirate Hat: Skate To Victory
Pirate Hook: First Steps
Pirate Shorts: Get A Grip
Pirate Waistcoat: Get A Grip
Ringmaster Jacket: Swinging Safari
Ringmaster Top Hat: The Meerkat Kingdom
Roman Armor: The Darkness
Roman Helmet: Skulldozer
White Neon Eyes: The Frozen Tundra
Wooden Sword: The Wedding Reception
Yellow Head: The Collector

  • Multiplayer prizes with one player

In most levels there is a multiplayer prize area that requires two players to unlock the hidden items. Most of these areas can be easily completed if you have two controllers. Start the level in Single Player mode. Once you reach the multiplayer zone, stand near the closest checkpoint, and press the PS button. A second Sackboy will spawn from the checkpoint. Have him stand on the switch or hold something down while you collect the prizes, then hold the PS button on controller two until the option "Turn off controller" appears. Select it, and the second Sackboy will disappear after a few seconds. You can now finish the level in Single Player mode. You can use this trick to get 100% completion with one player.

  • Burnt appearance

Reset your costume, then burn yourself at a fiery location. Pause the game while getting burned. If done correctly, you should see a charred character. Hold the PlayStation Logo to turn off your controller. Then, turn the controller on again when prompted to get a burnt costume.

  • Glowing skeleton appearance

Reset your costume, then shock yourself at an electric trap. Pause the game while getting shocked. If done correctly, you should see a skeleton show through your character. Hold the PlayStation Logo to turn off your controller. Then, turn the controller on again when prompted to get a costume with a glowing skeleton.

  • Elevate

Note: This trick requires a controller with a turbo feature. If you have the Paintinator power-up, pause the game in Create mode. Enable turbo, then shoot directly at the ground or run while shooting to elevate

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