Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising
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Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

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  • Bonus missions

At the "Bonus Codes" menu, enter one the following case-sensitive codes to unlock the corresponding bonus mission:

Mission Code
Ambush (North American version) AmbushU454
Ambush (European version) SATURN
Attack From The Darkness (European version) AMAZON.DE
Close Quarters CloseQ8M3
Coastal Fortress (European version) Play.com
Coastal Stronghold StrongM577
Debris Field OFPWEB2
Encampment OFPWEB1
Fire Team Engagement BLEEDINGBADLY
Night Raid RaidT18Z

  • Kicking doors open

While sprinting towards a locked door, hold [Use] to kick it open.

  • Easy "Skirinka Island Tour" trophy

In Mission 1, go to the western beach on the island. Destroy the western SAM site, then walk along the beach to find the hidden PLA helicopter.

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