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Skate 2

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  • Cheat mode

At the main menu, select "Extras" option. Choose the "Enter Code" selection, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Big Black

Enter "letsdowork" as a code to unlock Big Black in Freeskate, Online, and Party Play modes. Note: His bounce ability can only be used offline.
3-D mode

Enter "strangeloops" as a code to shift the colors to give a 3-D effect when viewed with red and blue 3-D glasses. Repeat the code to disable its effect.
Disable NPC trash talking in Career mode

Enter "bailymcbailster" as a code.

  • Bonus locations

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding location:

Etnies GvR Plaza: Successfully complete all Street challenges.

Monster Skate Park: Get sponsored, then select "Team Film Challenges" in your phone contacts. Complete them until you unlock a demo session with Rob Dyrdek to raise money for a new park. You can now buy the property from your challenge map for $200,000.

S.V. Dam: Successfully complete all the Thrasher magazine challenges to drain the dam. This is the site for the Thrasher Cover shot.

S.V. Mega-Ramp Stadium: Win all the Tranny contests.

S.V. Summit: Successfully complete all the Death Races to unlock the peak of Cougar Mountain.

Training Park: Successfully complete all Team Film challenges.

  • Reg's mini-ramp

Successfully complete all Thrasher and Skateboard Magazine challenges; Death Races; and Demo, Street, and Tranny contests. Slappy will give you the keys to Reg's mini-ramp. It is located behind the drop into the park, where the game starts. Go into the warehouse area, and move some dumpsters to reach it. Note: It is actually a small bowl/pool area, and not a ramp.

  • Play as Dem Bonez

Successfully complete all the Hall Of Meat objectives in Career mode to unlock Dem Bonez in Freeskate and Party Play modes.

To easily unlock Dem Bonez, go to Old Town. Find any bridge, preferably one of the higher ones, and do the following levitation glitch. Go under any spot under one of the higher bridges. Come to a complete stop, and place a marker at the spot you have stopped at, then bail. As soon as you bail, go back to the maker you set. After you have gone back to your spot, keep bailing, but do not go back to the maker; instead, just keep bailing. You should be able to bail easier by doing a nollie late back foot flip before you hit the ground to bail. You should be getting higher the more you bail. After you get high enough, instead of doing the nollie back foot flip, do any grab (preferably a stiffy) or a shifty. Keep doing this to get higher and higher. Eventually your head will start to hit the bridge or the location you are at, and you will start to go through the bridge. This will break a lot of your bones, thus unlocking Dem Bonez. Note: You may have to do this a few times before you unlock Dem Bonez.

  • King Of The Mountain Crown

Successfully complete all of the races, excluding the bonus races, in Career mode to unlock the King Of The Mountain Crown.

  • Legend Crown

Reach the "Legend" rank online to unlock the Legend Crown.

  • Pool locations

Pools can be found at the following locations. The letters and numbers refer to the map markings.

Community Pool: Left of E and 3
Do-Drop Inn Pool: Middle of E-F and just below 3
G.E.D. High Pool: To the right of E and 4
Old Pool: D and just above 4
Party Pool: E and middle of 3-4
Poop Deck Pool: D 8
Think Pink Pool: Middle of C-D and middle of 3-4

  • Spot locations

Spots can be found at the following locations. The letters and numbers refer to the map markings. Kill a spot in Campaign mode by beating the second point requirement to unlock it in Freeplay and Party Play modes.

1. Rock The Gap: Middle of B-C and just below 4
2. No Need For Speed: Middle of B-C and below 4
3. Mini-Mega Redux: Left of E and 4
4. Lilypads: Slightly left of D and below 7
5. Thrice the Hubba: Left of E and 5
6. The Wall: Middle of D-E and 3
7. Off Street: Slightly left of E and middle of 6-7
8. Books: Slightly right of E and middle of 4-5
9. Glass Awning: Slightly right of B and 5
10. By The Bridge: Middle of D-E and 6
11. Alphabet: Left of E and middle of 4-5
12. Razor's Edge: Left of C and middle of 6-7
13. Swiss Cheese Moon: Middle of C-D and 8
14. Welcome Hut: Right of B and 4
15. Poop Deck Pool: D 8
16. Bus Stop: Right of C and slightly below 4
17. Winged Bench: Slightly left of C and above 5
18. Manny Hop Set: Left of C and slightly above 8
19. The Statue: Slightly right of A and middle of 6-7
20. Urban Curves: Slightly right of E and just below 3
21. Getting Technical: E and above 7
22. Stink Pit: Middle of A-B and 5

  • Easy money

Go through the Thrasher magazine challenges until you unlock the pros and get a board sponsor to almost double your earning on most events. To make the most use of this, place a maximum bet on the death races. If you do not win, restart, and try again.

  • Change branded clothes colors

Note: This trick only works for shirts, hoodies, and jackets. Pause the game, and select "Edit Skater" option. Choose the "Merchandise" selection, and find a branded clothing item that you want to have a custom color (for example, a shirt). Purchase the item, and leave the store. Wear the item, then go back to the store. Select the same category of the item that you purchased, for example "Shirts", then select "Custom Shirts". Press Start, go to "Edit Receipt", and uncheck the shirt. Select the option to go back to the store. You should be wearing the branded item and can now customize it. Change its color as desired, then press Start.

  • Defeating the Pros

Use the following trick to easily defeat the Pros in the Throwdown missions. After getting your board sponsor and the Pros' numbers, call them up one at a time to one of the locations (for example, the library for the stairs). Before the challenge begins, drag some objects, and place them at the top of the stairs. There are some ramps, rail, and benches on the other side of the stair on the lower level (for example, the challenge "Can You Spell Girl?"). If done correctly, the Pros will fail their tricks, or get off their boards and try to jump over the objects. Do not forget to leave an opening for yourself. As long you have the objects in the middle of the opening (where the arrow shows up), you are good. For some reason the Pro will keep going to the middle no matter what. After defeating the Pro, you will not only get the wager money, but also the sponsor's money. You can repeat this as many times as desired.

  • Mongo Push

Mongo pushing is pushing with your front foot. If you are standing on the board with your right foot ahead, press X to push with your right foot. Likewise, if your left is in front, press Square to push with your left foot.

  • Skitchin

You can travel approximately twice as fast by skitchin behind cars. Doing this can give you an extra boost during a race, extra speed for a big gap, the means to escape a chase, or just to travel around New San Vanelona faster. To skitch, hold [World Grab] on the back bumper of a car. This can be done while they are stopped at a light or a stop sign. You can also grab on if you have some speed and get near the back of a moving car while holding [World Grab]. After you begin skitchin, the car will increase speed. Note: Some vehicles such as sports cars will drive faster. When you let go from the side while hanging on with one hand, you will pull yourself forward for an extra boost.

  • Launch in the air

While slowly moving on flat ground, press Triangle to hop off your board, then quickly hop back on in one smooth motion. Hold L2 + R2 + Triangle + Circle just as your feet get near the board. Note: This requires precise timing. If done correctly, your skater will be launched skyward. This will lengthen your air time when trying to bail and give you more points for the Thrasher Hall Of Meat challenges.

Find flat ground. Press Triangle to get off your board. Press R2 to throw it. Turn 90 degrees away from your board. Quickly press Square to jump. A split second later, hold R2 and tap Triangle. Note: This may require a few attempts until you can launch high in the air.

  • Easy "Alien Manual Shop" Pro challenge

Step off your board, and jump on the first planter. Run across the planter, and jump up the step. Jump off on the other side. Remain still, and get on your board again to complete the first task of the challenge. Get off your board, and jump on the next planter. Jump across the gap between the planters. Run across the last section of the planter, and jump off. Stand still, and get back on your board to complete the challenge.

  • Easy "Blaow!" challenge

Pump and hold R2 on the opposite quarter pipe from the actual gap, where the two arrows are located. You should have enough air coming down. Use that speed and air with an angle to jump the gap. Use the R2 trick on the tranny of the gap.

To do the Hip To Hip transfer easily, skate to the corner that you first have to launch from for the transfer. Set the Session Marker, and push once towards the middle of the opening of the marked corner. Do not go too fast to avoid bailing. Get off your board when you get to that corner opening. Make sure you do not touch where the transfer begins. Walk across the pool to where you are supposed to land the transfer. Jump once while off your board, then jump one again, but this time get on your skateboard in mid air. Land on the bottom wall of where you are supposed to land the transfer. If done correctly, the transfer requirement should now be highlighted on the list. Grind the siding to complete the challenge.

  • Easy "Bonus Team Photo" challenge

Stand on the ledge above where the sponsor is supposed to handplant. Then, wait for him to approach the launch ramp. Do a flip trick off the ledge just as he does the handplant.

  • Easy "Can You Spell Girl?" challenge

Restart the challenge until Eric Koston falls. When you get the set trick, do 540's by pressing the Left Analog-stick and Right Analog-stick in the same direction. You can also try triple kickflips or heelflips.

Get your own bike rack from the area above the challenge. Grab it, then drag it down to the challenge area. Place your bike rack against and in front of the table. Do not touch the table. If you do, go to the table, and select "Reset Object". Eric Koston and Mike Carrols will fail because of your bike rack.

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