Where The Wild Things Are
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Where The Wild Things Are

Game Added by Matt GentileMatt Gentile

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Cheat mode

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding cheat option:

Infinite health: Collect all 60 skulls.
One hit kills: Collect all 60 turtles.
Ship does not take damage: Collect all 60 seeds.
The Wild Things will not eat you: Collect all 60 bee hives.
Treasures appear when holding Select: Collect all 60 geodes.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Ace of Hearts (Silver): Earn 10 Hearts.
All Trophies Awarded (Platinum): All Trophies Awarded.
Allergen (Bronze): Cause three different Wild Things to sneeze.
Beekeeper (Bronze): Collect all Honeycombs.
Captain (Silver): Complete a Ride Carol mission without crashing.
Commodore (Silver): Complete a Sailing mission without crashing.
Demolitionist (Bronze): Defeat five Fireflies with one bomb.
Friend of Alexander (Bronze): Collect 25 Turtles.
Friend of Carol (Bronze): Collect 25 Houses.
Friend of Douglas (Bronze): Collect 25 Honeycombs.
Friend of Ira (Bronze): Collect 25 Geodes.
Friend of Judith (Bronze): Collect 25 Seeds.
Friend of KW (Bronze): Collect 25 Owl Eggs.
Friend of the Bull (Bronze): Collect 25 Skulls.
Galaxy (Silver): Find 65 Stars.
Geologist (Bronze): Collect all Geodes.
Glass Houses (Bronze): Start a Dirt Clod Fight with multiple Wild Things.
Greased Lightning (Bronze): Defeat 25 Lightning Bugs.
Green Thumb (Bronze): Collect all Seeds.
Gymnast (Bronze): Power-swing from three bars in a row.
Hamlet (Bronze): Collect all Skulls.
Hero (Gold): Complete the game on Normal or Higher.
Incubator (Bronze): Collect all Owl Eggs.
Jack of Hearts (Bronze): Earn 4 Hearts.
King (Gold): Complete the game on Hard.
King of Hearts (Bronze): Earn 7 Hearts.
Nova (Bronze): Find 5 Stars.
On Fire (Bronze): Defeat 250 Fireflies.
Real Estate Mogul (Bronze): Collect all Houses.
Star Cluster (Bronze): Find 40 Stars.
Stranger (Gold): Complete the game on Easy or Higher.
Supernova (Bronze): Find 20 Stars.
The Cleaner (Bronze): Defeat 100 Shadow Creatures.
Three Square Meals (Bronze): Be eaten by three different Wild Things.
Universe (Silver): Find 95 Stars.
Veterinarian (Bronze): Collect all Turtles.
Wild Rumpus! (Bronze): Defeat 15 enemies in a row in melee without being hit.
Worst King Ever (Bronze): Allow three different Wild Things to sink into oblivion.

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