Zen Pinball
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Zen Pinball

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Nitro Booster (Bronze): Lock one ball in the Nitro Tank.
Turbo Charger (Bronze): Start the Turbo speed mode.
Manifold (Bronze): Feed a ball in all of the cylinders for Manifold upgrade.
Dynamo (Bronze): Spin the dynamo spinner 25 times with one shot.
Bunch of Dollars (Bronze): Secure at least 500.000 points in Funding Hurry-up mode.
Tesla Coil (Bronze): Make 10 coil ramp shots with one ball.
Archaeologist (Bronze): Find the Extra Ball site during an excavation.
Lucky Day (Bronze): Survive the Giant Ball ramp.
Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Collect 3 quartz skulls.
Rave (Bronze): Activate any of the magic spinners during any game mode.
Doom Bringer (Bronze): Summon a disaster for the unbelievers.
Spirit of the Wilderness (Bronze): Make a Super Combo.
Monkey-wrench (Silver): Make one of the parts fully upgraded.
Master Mind (Silver): Activate the Teleforce by completing all of the other experiments.
Skilled Adventurer (Silver): Complete all Adventures.
Domination (Silver): Rule the tribe by summoning all of the natural disasters.

The following trophies require the August 2009 bonus downloadable content:

Hammer hand (Bronze): Destroy the wall with a devastating punch.
Thunder kick (Silver): Win an Extra Ball with the barrel breaker competition.
Warrior (Bronze): Win a Fight.
World Warrior Champion (Silver): Defeat the evil crime boss.

The following trophies require the "Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Table" bonus downloadable content:

Swordsmaster (Bronze): Flip the ball between the bumpers and get a 6 hit or greater bumber combo!
Hidden Path (Bronze): Collect 30 Crystall Skulls!
Cruel Justice (Bronze): Start the Karma Challenge Multiball by performing three obliterations!
Genshin Defeated (Silver): Complete the last Chapter of the Story Mode.

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