Instructions on Installing our Themes to your PS3


Transferring themes from the PC to your Playstation 3 :

1. Find the theme you want to download

2. click the download link

3. press “Save”

4. save to a USB Device (USB Flash Drive)

5a. make a folder on the USB Flash Drive called “PS3″ or if you've been modding your PS3 you should already have that folder and there is no need to create another one.

5b. make a folder in the PS3 folder called “THEME” (ALL CAPS REQUIRED)

6. put the .pt3 file into the THEME folder

7. put into your ps3

8. go to themes

9. click install

10. click the memory card or USB device

11. Install and enjoy :)

Downloading Themes using the PS3 Browser (Yes you can install themes using just your Playstation 3 as well):

1. Load in your PS3s browser (Page Will Look Different)

2. Go to the Part where it says "View More" at the bottom of the latest themes section.

3. Find a theme that you like, then click “Download Now” or whatever link it might show to download the file.

4. The PS3 will ask you to save it in “Photos” but it should automatically install the theme for you.

5. If you happen to get 404 bad request or 400 bad request, just Refresh the browser, then it will download for you, dont go back, just refresh the page!

6. Go to “Settings”, then “Theme”, and then “Themes”.

7. The theme you downloaded should be in the list, click on it and then apply. (PM MDesignMDesign if this did not work for you)

8. Hey, you’re done! :)

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