How To Mod It

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Modding Borderlands is fairly simple and is easy to do with a few basic tools and skills.

First and most important part of modding Borderlands or anyother game is having a way to transfer
your saved gamed to your computer. So Get Your Flash Drive ready!

Game Save Editors:

WillowTree#Beta Downlod here - 360, PS3, and PC (Recommended)

HxD - Hex Editor

There are also a bunch of other Standalone Borderlands Save Editors going around but willow tree is the best!


WillowTree# Tutorials

Other Tools:

Gear Calculator - This helps build weapons from scratch]

Willow Shrubbery - A new, Terrific website! This lets you upload your borderlands .SAV file so you see how your character looks and see how your weapons turn out before you load it up into the game.

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