WARNING: Not all manufacturers can be used on all weapons. For example, a Jakobs RPG will be a weapon with no level requirement and be very weak, regardless of what quality is used, because Jakobs does not make RPGs and as such there is nothing in-game to reference.

Format for Manufacturers gd_manufacturers.Manufacturers.[Manufacturer Name]
Manufacturer Name Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
Stock StockA StockB StockC StockD StockE StockF
Anshin Anshin Anshin Expert Anshin Select Anshin Impeccable Anshin Exemplar Anshin Immaculate
Atlas Atlas Puny Atlas Champion Atlas Heroic Atlas Herculean Atlas Legendary Atlas Titan
Corraza Corraza Corraza Standard Corraza Revised Corraza Special Corraza Choice Corraza Prime
Dahl Dahl Surplus Dahl Mercenary Dahl Soldier Dahl Freelancer Dahl Veteran Dahl Elite
Eridian Eridian Eridian 0001 Eridian 0010 Eridian 0100 Eridian 0101 Eridian 0111
Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox Classic Gearbox Vintage Gearbox Choice Gearbox Absolute Gearbox Original
Hyperion Hyperion Substandard Hyperion Valde Hyperion Melior Hyperion Ultra Hyperion Magnus Hyperion Optimus
Jakobs Jakobs Plywood Jakobs Classic Jakobs Vintage Jakobs Choice Jakobs Antique Jakobs Original
Maliwan Maliwan Obsolete Maliwan Standard Maliwan Sterling Maliwan Prototype Maliwan Paradigm Maliwan Pure
Pangolin Pangolin Pangolin Leather Pangolin Mail Pangolin Buckler Pangolin Shield Pangolin Plate
SandSMunitions S&S Munitions Old S&S Revised S&S Upgraded S&S Enhanced S&S Faultless S&S Perfect
Tediore Tediore Cheap Tediore Value Tediore Special Tediore Super Tediore Limited Tediore Supreme
Torgue Torgue Weaksauce Torgue Power Torgue Force Torgue Excellent Torgue Awesome Torgue Ultimate
Vladof Vladof Rusty Vladof Peasants Vladof Peoples Vladof Workers Vladof Soldiers Vladof Patriots

NOTE: Corazza does not work in-game. If you enter Corazza as the brand in a weapon, it will switch to another brand; usually Jakobs.

The following chart only applies to the [gd_manufacturers.Manufacturers.] section, you can make a gun with a Jakobs manufacturer and Hyperion material and the weapon will keep the stats and use the looks and benefits a Hyperion gun has.

Weapon Type Atlas Dahl Gearbox Hyperion Jakobs Maliwan SandSMunitions Tediore Torgue Vladof
Assault Shotgun No No No Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
Combat Rifle No Yes No Yes No No No Yes No No
Combat Shotgun Yes Yes No No Yes No No Yes Yes No
Grenade Launcher No No No Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes
Machine Pistol No No No Yes No No Yes No No Yes
Patrol SMG No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No
Repeater Pistol Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Revolver Pistol Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes No No
Rocket Launcher No No No Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes
Semiauto Sniper Rifle No Yes No Yes No No Yes No Yes No
Sniper Rifle Yes No No No Yes Yes No No No Yes
Support Machinegun Yes No No No No No Yes No Yes Yes

The following table only applies to the [gd_manufacturers.Manufacturers.] section of weapons, describing the required levels for each quality level of all manufacturers. As you can see all manufacturers (that actually manufacture weapons) require level 48 for a weapon of quality 5. The requirement levels have a linear relationship with base damage - a weapon of the same requirement level has the same base damage, regardless of its manufacturer. For example, the base damage of a repeater pistol having requirement level 13 is 31; the SandSMunitions and Tediore hare both level 13 at Q1, and these two have the same base damage.

Manufacturer Q0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5
Atlas 10 19 28 37 46 48
Dahl 2 16 25 34 43 48
Hyperion 6 15 24 33 42 48
Jakobs 4 13 22 31 40 48
Maliwan 6 15 25 34 43 48
SandSMunitions 4 13 22 31 40 48
Tediore 0 13 22 31 40 48
Torgue 10 19 28 37 47 48
Vladof 7 19 28 37 46 48

NOTE: the values above are for blank weapons - various parts may affect the actual requirement level.

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