• User Character -Lightning

Gestalt mode:Horse

  • The lone warrior Odin is Lightning’s Eidolon.
  • Odin uses an array of impressive sword techniques with his double-edged blade and calls upon powerful lightning strikes to dispose of all who stand in his way.
  • In gestalt mode, Odin hands his blade to Lightning and transforms into the perfect companion, the mighty steed Sleipnir.

Gestalt mode

Name Command COST Caption
Auto Drive o - -
Stormblade ↑ + o 2 -
Lightning Strike ↓ + o 3 -
Razor Gale ← → + o 3 -
Thunderfall x 4 -
Zantetsuken ALL -
  • Video On How To Defeat Odin

.:Video on How to Defeat Odin Click Here:.

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