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Battlefield Bad Company: 2 Medic Boosting

How-to for Boosting in BFBC: 2

If you do not have anything unlocked (or barely anything unlocked) for the medic class, use the following:

  • Class: Medic
  • Primary: PKM
  • Secondary: M9
  • Gadget: Defib

If you have the following unlocked, use this setup instead:

  • Class: Medic
  • Primary: M249
  • Secondary: M9
  • Gadget: Defib
  • Spec 1: AM UPGR
  • Spec 2: MEDK R+


  • At least 4 players
  • Rush or Squad Rush
  • Squad rush is much easier to boost in (less players)

Step 1

  • Find a partner on the other team
  • Both of you stand opposite of each other
  • Throw your medic boxes out constantly (keep pressing right on your D-pad)
  • Another member of your team and the opposite team do the exact same, sitting next to you and your partner

Step 2

  • Shoot your partner (person on opposite team) once every second
  • Keep throwing medic boxes whenever you can (pressing right on D-pad constantly)

Step 3

  • Boost!

Notes (Please read!)

  • Remember to keep throwing medic boxes, this is how you get points!
  • The attackers (attacking team) must not die, try not to kill them as they have a set number of tickets!
  • If you run out of ammo, have the attackers kill someone on your team, pick up their gun, and when they respawn they will have ammo for themselves
  • If killing defenders for ammunition is a problem after a while (eventually everyone will run out of ammo and need to die 1-2 times) have someone spawn as an assault class and throw down ammo boxes
  • After ammo is replenished, simply die and respawn as your medic boosting class
  • You can also use your pistol


  • If you stop getting points, you need to die and be revived or do a fresh respawn (don't get revived)
  • Sometimes both you and your teammate sitting next to you will need to die in order to get points again
  • You can also try walking away from the boosting group and then come back
  • Accidental deaths/kills: just revive them

Tips & Advice

  • Boosting like this works best with more people
  • If you have a full room in Squad Rush, (8 players) you can get upwards of 2,000 points a minute or more
  • When the entire room is in a close group, your 1 medkit will heal everyone in it's range, meaning you will get +30 for each time you heal 1 player
  • If there are 4 teammates around you, and they are all taking damage, you will get a lot of points very quickly
  • Use the MEDK R+ spec, this is extremely helpful for getting more points
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