Shiva Sisters

User Character: Snow Villiers

Gestalt mode: Bike

  • Snow’s Eidolon, Shiva, appears in the form of twin sisters for the first time in the series.
  • The older of the Twin Sisters, Stiria, uses magic to attack and heal, while Nix specializes in using her tire for melee attacks.
  • In gestalt mode, the sisters combine to form a motorcycle. Together, Snow and Shiva turn enemies into diamond dust.
Name Command COST Caption
Auto Drive o - -
Wheelie ↑ + o 3 -
Spinfreeze ↓ + o 3 -
Icicle Drift ← → + o 3 -
Ice Ramp x 3 -
Diamond Dust ALL -
  • overall its pretty easy to defeat the shiva sisters
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