Turk S Method

This is my mothod for finding how a part effects the gun. It has more detailed info and will easily get you an exact value. (PC only)

First edit your WillowInput.ini to have the dbm_ToggleShowDebug command.

Here's an example: Bindings=(Name="F2",Command="dbm_ToggleShowDebug",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

Now make the Base invisible gun. This is done by seting every gun string to "None" except for the ItemGrade, Manufacturer, and Item Type. Item grade does not matter for my method.

In game equip your gun.

Since the command is a little strange in the way it acts you have to open your inventory at least once before it will pop up.

Press the debug toggle key you bound. (You may need to increase your screen resolution to see all the info)

You will se a lot of garbage info but there are 4 main values on this screen that are important : Normalized Damage, Spread, Fire Interval, and Reload Time

Write down the base gun details or you can do a duplicate of the gun with just 1 extra part for comparing.

Using basic math you can find the % increase\decrease of each of these values.

Note: We are using Normalized Damage instead of Damage because it is the same no mater what the item grade is and frankly it leads to nicer decimals.
Lower the fire interval, the faster the gun
Higher reload should be self explanitory
Lower spread, more accurate

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